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The award-winning, free Web browser is better than ever before. With this brand new release of Google Chrome, powerful new features have been added that make your online search experience more intuitive and user-friendly. Download Chrome now and enjoy the best web experience!
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Cutting-edge Speed

World Class Protection

Innovative Technology

Protects your Privacy

Software Highlights

Intuitive and straightforward
The new version of Chrome is much more simple and user-friendly than all previous editions. You no longer need to use different areas of the browser for search and navigation, you can perform all requests from one single search bar. Even better, you have the option to arrange the window tabs in whatever way you wish; simply click and drag.

World class protection
Chrome contains all the latest technical capabilities required to ensure that you are secure while surfing the web. Featuring built-in malware and phishing protection and automatic installation of security updates, you can rest assured that you are browsing the Internet without putting your computer at risk.

Faster and more efficient
What becomes immediately evident on launching Chrome is its speed. It is much faster on every possible dimension. It loads quickly from the desktop, searches the Internet at lightening speed and initiatives web pages at the click of a button.

Designed to protect your privacy
Chrome offers leading security and safety features to ensure that your information remains secure and protected. With full encryption together with automatic updates and security fixes, you can surf the web safe in the knowledge that your personal information is not being compromised.

Make Google Chrome your own
There are a wide variety of options available to customize Chrome. You can change the display, add applications, sort the tabs, update themes and quickly and easily install updates from the Chrome Web Store.

Free download available for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP

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